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Core business offering: DCM Group’s products include flow meter skids, loading arms, pressure vacuum breather valves, flame arrestors, emergency vent valves and dip hatches. The company is a specialist in the petrochemical industry. All products are engineered and manufactured in its factory.


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fax: +27 31 312 8084
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tel: +27 11 397 2222
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Hibbert, Dylan
Business Development
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Managing Director
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Internal Sales Manager
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Administrative Manager
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Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
- chart paper
- circular chart
- disposable pens
- events
- strip chart
- videographic
-Standalone data loggers
- air quality
- gas
- moisture
- noise
- radiation
- vibration
- water quality
-Sampling equipment
- gases
- liquids
-Remote sensing & control
- from rotating shaft
- infrared (IR)
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Emergency shutdown
-Limit switches
-Valve position transmitters
- Valve positioners
-Control valves (applications)
- Cryogenic
- Globe - sanitary
- Hygienic
- Pump protection
- Re-circulating
- Safety release
- Severe service/harsh application valves
- Slurry control
- Steam conditioning
- Steam de-superheaters
-Control valves (type)
- Ball
- Butterfly
- three-way
-Sliding/knife gate
- Fieldbus
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- Logic
- 0/4-20mA
- Thermocouple
- Pulse
- Relay contact
-Flowmeters (application)
- Batching
- Partially filled pipes/channels
-Flowmeters (type)
- Clamp-on, non-invasive
- Coriolis
- Custody transfer
- Differential pressure (DP)
- Doppler ultrasonic
- Magnetic/electromagnetic
- Mass
- Orifice plate, flow nozzle
- Pelton wheel
- Pitot tube
- Positive displacement
- Target
- Thermal dispersion/calorific
- Turbine
- Variable area
- Venturi tube
- Vortex
- Wedge
-Potable water meters
-Totalisers and correlators
-Explosion proof
-Gas detection
-Intrinsic safety
- 3.5 & 4.5 digit indicators
- 4-20 mA set-point stations
- Batch controllers
- Flashing beacons
- Sensors
- Solenoid valves
- Sounders
- Totalisers
- Transmitters - flow
- Transmitters - level
- Transmitters - pressure
- Transmitters - temperature
-Capacitive & conductive
-Microwave, guided & radar
-Tank gauging
-Vibrating fork
-Alarm indicators
-Analog panel meters
-Annunciator panels
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
- Bar graphs
- Display wall (control room)
- LCD, flat-panel
- Touchscreens
-Air dryers
-Differential pressure transducers
-Instrument manifolds
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Pressure-electrical transducers
- Pilot operated pressure reducing
- Rupture disk
- Self-acting back pressure
- Self-acting pressure reducing
-Limit switch
-Strain gauges
- I-P, P-I
- mV/current
-Root extractors
-Infrared (IR) line scan
-IR non-contact
-Pyrometers (IR non-contact)
-Temperature switches
-Thermocouples (Type S, T, etc)
- Batch
- Handheld tally
- Mechanical
- Panel mount
- Digital
-Differential pressure
Section - Services & Systems
-Consulting engineers
- Project management
- Systems specification
- Electrical
- Maintenance
- Process control
-Project Management
-Materials handling
-Power generation & distribution
-Water & waste water
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
- Boiler feed water
- Chlorine
- Combustion
- Density
- Dissolved oxygen
- Gas
- Hydrocarbon
- On-line process
- Oxygen
- Single element
- Viscosity
-pH handheld
-Sampling equipment
- Gases
- Liquids
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Deadweight testers
-Decade boxes, R/I/C
-Documenting process calibrators
-Flow calibrators
-Frequency, time simulators/calibrators
-mV simulators/calibrators
-Power, energy calibrators
-Pressure simulators/calibrators
-RF reflectometers
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Strain gauge simulators/calibrators
-Temperature (dry block)
-Temperature baths
-Thermistor simulators
-Thermocouple simulators
-Electrostatic measurements
-Insulation testers
-Magnetic measurements
-Mains power analysers
-Pipe & cable locators
-Portable power meters
-Scope & DMM combinations
-X/Y, Y/t chart recorders
-Coating thickness
-Hardness testers
-Leak detection
-Light level
-Magnetic material
-Moisture content
-Noise/sound level
-Oil in water
-Thickness, wall, plating
-Vibration/machine health
- Physical contact
News from DCM Group:
Process control instrumentation for oil and gas
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Flow Measurement & Control, DCM Group

DCM Group is showcasing the new FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters at Stand E6, with overseas specialists at hand for consultation. DCM specialises in the oil and gas industry and visitors can also ...

DCM Group to distribute KSR Kübler
March 2011, News, DCM Group

The DCM Group has been appointed as the South African representative for Swiss manufacturer KSR Kübler’s equipment; a partnership it says paves the way for immense possibilities in the local market and ...

Model MG level transmitter
August 2010, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

MTS sensors meet API custody transfer standard. The Level Plus Model MG liquid level transmitter from MTS Sensors, meets the requirements for the custody transfer standard of the American Petroleum Institute ...

KFG magnetic level gauges
August 2010, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

Bypass level gauges form an integral part of the pressure vessel.       Principle of operation A stand pipe is attached to the side of a tank or a vessel across two process connections. With this direct ...

Custom float level switches
August 2010, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

Top and side mount magnetic level switches made to customer specifications. Kübler Africa is the supplier of these reliable and robust switches. Custom made lengths, number of contacts (up to four switching ...

Displacer replacement made easy
July 2010, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

Magnetic level sensors or switches are counter fitted to the existing level displacer chambers without any modifications needed from the end user

Magnetic level meters lengths taken to extremes
May 2005, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

Kübler Africa recently supplied magnetic level instruments that were 12, 14 and 18 metres long. Traditionally, magnetic levels are between 300 mm and 3 m in length. The units were supplied in three parts ...

Visual level indication for dangerous liquids
December 2001, Level Measurement & Control, DCM Group

The KSR-mini-bypass-level indicator consists of a chamber as a communicating vessel and is connected to the side of a vessel with two process connections (flanges, threads or welded connection pieces). ...

Suspended body flow sensing
November 2001, Flow Measurement & Control, DCM Group

Principle of operation A suspended body is introduced into a cylindrical slotted nozzle. Depending on the model, the installation of the flow monitor is either dependent on its position (only with suspended ...

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