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Core business offering: Iritron is a technology company providing quality solutions to the industry in the following fields: electrical engineering, instrumentation engineering, control systems engineering, manufacturing operations management (MES/MOM), simulation, optimisation and information systems including machine learning.

Da Silva, Pedro
Business Development Manager
du Toit, Jaco
Engineering & Project Manager
Greeff, Gerhard
PM&C Manager
Koekemoer, Marius
Divisional Manager - Electrical
Mphosi, Motlatsi
Marketing Manager
Rautenbach, Alwyn
Roeloffze, Andre
Managing Director
Schoombie, Gordon
Branch Manager
Stoop, Frits
Engineering & Project Manager
van Dyk, Etienne
Divisional Manager - Instrumentation
Adroit Technologies
(System Integrator)
(System Integrator)
GE Industrial Systems
(System Integrator)
Ignition by Inductive Automation
(System Integrator)
(System Integrator)
Rockwell Automation
(System Integrator)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Schneider Electric
(System Integrator)
(System Integrator)
Siemens Digital Industries
(System Integrator)
TrakSys by Parsec Automation
(System Integrator)
(System Integrator)
(System Integrator)
Section - Computers & Software
-Electrical design
-Instrumentation design
-Safety engineering
-Simulation systems
- Alarm management
- Artificial intelligence
- Asset management
- Batch production
- Calibration management
- Data acquisition, analysis
- Direct control
- DSP (digital signal processing) software
- Expert systems
- Fuzzy logic
- Operator interface
- Programming languages
- Soft PLC
- System simulation/PID tuning
- PLC languages
-Network communications
- DSCNet
- Fieldbus
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-EMI - Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
-MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems
-MIS - Management Information Systems
-Production management systems
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
-19" racking
-Boxes - electronics
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Explosion protected
- Free-standing
- Industrial computers
- Wall mount
- Benchtop
- Card cages
- Portable
-Desks, consoles, furniture
-EMC control
- Shielded enclosures
- Shielding laminates, gaskets, coating
-Enclosures (special)
- Corrosion proof
- Environmentally protected
-Thermal control
- Fans, blowers
- Heat exchangers/airconditioners
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Emergency shut-down systems
-Entry level DCS
-Networked controllers
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
-AC control
- Closed loop
- Flux vector
- Inverters - 1 phase AC
- Inverters - 3 phase AC
- Soft starter
-DC control
- 4-quadrant control
- Speed control
-Specialist consulting services
-System simulation
-Wireless network/service providers
-Alarm indicators
-Analog panel meters
-Annunciator panels
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
- Bar graphs
- Characters
- Display wall (control room)
- LCD, flat-panel
- Programmable message
- Touchscreens
-Analog I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Digital I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Networking organisation
- Host-to-PLC link
- PLC-to-PLC
- Remote I/O
- 20 mA loop
- Ethernet
- Fieldbus
- PLC-to-PLC
- Proprietary data bus
- Remote I/O
- RS232, RS422, RS485
-Operator interface panel
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
- Diagnostic software
- Documenting software
- Function block diagram
- High level (C, Basic, etc.)
- IEC 1131
- Ladder diagram (relay logic)
- Logic diagram
- Sequential function chart
-Scan rate less than 1µs per step
-Scan rate less than 1ms per step
-Scan rate more than 1ms per step
Section - Services & Systems
-Consulting engineers
- Project management
- Systems specification
- Electrical
- Factory automation
- Industrial lighting
- Maintenance
- Materials handling
- Panel builders
- Process control
- System wiring/installation
- Other
- scada
-Project Management
-System integration/consulting
- Electrical
- Factory automation
- Information systems
- Materials handling
- Process control
- Production management
- Scada/DCS/PLC
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A structured way of organising work can help identify and resolve problems in an efficient manner before the implications have a chance to escalate.

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In the discrete manufacturing environment, a tool change or the reconfiguration of a production line is a major cause of production loss.

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Modern track and trace solutions are purpose-built to introduce as little disruption to the existing production process as possible, while also being flexible enough to cater for plants that range from fully manual to fully automated.

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Machine Learning is gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry as tools become easier to use and more cost effective.

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Machine Learning is gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry as tools become easier to use and more cost effective.

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Although 2020 was a tough year for everyone, Alwyn Rautenbach, CEO of the I3 Group, not only ensured its survival, but strategised to strengthen the business for future growth.

Industrial Machine Learning – it’s AI, just less artificial
March 2021, IT in Manufacturing, Iritron

Machine Learning is gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry as tools become easier to use and more cost effective.

Iritron welcomes Oculus into the I3Group
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Pretoria-based Iritron, a black economic empowered technology company and subsidiary of the I³ Group, providing quality solutions in the fields of electrical, instrumentation and control systems engineering, ...

Some things change, some stay the same
July 2016, System Integration & Control Systems Design, Iritron

Alwyn Rautenbach shares his thoughts on Iritron and the evolution of the system integrator business in South Africa.

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