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WIKA Instruments

Chilvers Street, Denver, Johannesburg

+27 11 621 0000
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Iso Certification ISO 9001:2015

Core business offering: WIKA South Africa is one of 15 production sites in the WIKA Group responsible for manufacturing pressure, temperature and level measuring instruments. More recently, primary flow elements as well as force measurement (transducers, load cells, hydraulic force measurement) have been added to the product portfolio.

Hesse, Ralf
General Sales Manager
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Rusznyak, Greg
Marketing Manager
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Sheppard, Peter
Production Engineering Manager
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Townsend, Lloyd
Product Manager
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Weidenmann, Mike
Managing Director
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Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-In-transit temperature/event
-PC based data acquisition
- presentation/analysis software
- chart paper
- disposable pens
- paperless
- strip chart
-Standalone data loggers
-Meteorological instrumentation
- air quality
- density
- gas
- moisture
-Sampling equipment
- gases
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Hardwired point-to-point HART device calibrator/configurator
- Wireless HART device calibrator/configurator
- Data-logger
- Multimeter
- Thermometer
- Calibration
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Armoured
- High temperature
- Multiwire
- Screened
- Temperature compensated cable
- Twisted pair
-Instrument power supplies
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Control valves (type)
- Ball
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- Auto/self tuning
- Logic
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Strain gauge
- Thermocouple
- 0/4-20 mA
- 0-5V
- mA/mV
- Pulse
- Relay contact
-Panel size (mm)
- 150x150
- 24x48
- 48x48
- 48x96
- 72x72
- 96x96
-Flowmeters (type)
- Open channel, flume, weir
- Orifice plate, flow nozzle
- Pitot tube
- Venturi tube
- Wedge
-Explosion proof
-Intrinsic safety
- 3.5 & 4.5 digit indicators
- Sensors
- Transmitters - level
- Transmitters - pressure
- Transmitters - temperature
-Rotary paddle
-Tank gauging
-Alarm indicators
-Analog panel meters
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
-Differential pressure transducers
-Instrument manifolds
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Pressure-electrical transducers
- Pilot operated pressure reducing
- Rupture disk
- Self-acting back pressure
- Self-acting pressure reducing
-Amplifiers & pre-amplifiers
- I-P, P-I
- Programmable
-IR non-contact
-Panel-mount indicators
-RTDs (Pt 100, Ni)
-Temperature switches
-Thermocouple extension cables
-Thermocouple reference units
-Thermocouples (Type S, T, etc)
- Handheld tally
- Panel mount
- Rail mount
-Differential pressure
-Universal, programmable
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Calibration services (SANAS accredited, etc.)
-Deadweight testers
-mV simulators/calibrators
-Pressure simulators/calibrators
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Strain gauge simulators/calibrators
-Temperature (dry block)
-Temperature baths
-Thermocouple simulators
-Leak detection
-Light level
-Melt flow indices
-Moisture content
-Oil in water
-Strain gauging
-Temperature profiling
-Thermal imaging
News from WIKA Instruments:
3-point pressure calibration in 10 seconds
June 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control, WIKA Instruments

WIKA’s CPC3050 comes in high-pressure and low-pressure versions with customisable ranges, a 10:1 range limit ratio and auto-ranging.

Five reasons for force measurement
May 2022, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Editor's Choice, WIKA Instruments

Wika takes a closer look at the measured variable of force and gives five reasons to show why force measurement is of particular importance.

Tubeskin thermocouple assembly
April 2022, Temperature Measurement , WIKA Instruments

The proprietary thermal shield design of the Tefracto-Pad is a patent-pending WIKA innovation in several countries.

Why calibrating multipoint thermocouples is so challenging
March 2022, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, WIKA Instruments

Multipoint thermocouples monitor temperature cycles extremely accurately, even at 1000°C or higher, necessitating traceable calibration in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 specifications.

Differential pressure transmitter
February 2022, Sensors & Transducers, WIKA Instruments

Wika’s model DPT-20, with its 4-20 mA, 4-20 mA Hart, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA output signals, combined with the intrinsic safety or flameproof enclosure ignition protection type, is tailored ...

WIKA SA opens online shop
January 2022, News, WIKA Instruments

Now customers in South Africa can order measurement technology directly from the manufacturer – simple, quick, secure.

Pressure sensor for industrial applications
January 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control, WIKA Instruments

WIKA’s model MTF-1 pressure sensor module is a simple and flexible option for integrating pressure measurement into a wide variety of applications.

WIKA SA opens online shop
November 2021, News, WIKA Instruments

Now customers in South Africa can order measurement technology directly from the manufacturer – simple, quick, secure.

Electronic differential pressure transmitter
November 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control, WIKA Instruments

Differential pressure measurement using primary and secondary circuits offers several advantages over conventional differential pressure methods.

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