Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists
Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Unit 4, 147 Julia Road, Overport, Durban

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Iso Certification ISO 9001:2015

Core business offering: Omniflex designs and manufactures products for the monitoring of plant reliability, optimisation and maintenance. Remote monitoring provides the most cost-effective means of optimising asset efficiency to ensure optimum performance. Alarm annunciation and sequence of events, telemetry, signal conditioning, power management, process controllers and cathodic protection are among the company’s specialties.

Celine, D.H.
Managing Director
Dzwig, T.
Hiralall, Ashwin
Internal Sales
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Indurjeeth, Vinod
Internal Sales
[email protected]
Loudon, I.J.
International Sales & Marketing
Namchand, R.
Director Operations
[email protected]
Thompson, Calvin
Financial Director
tel: +27 31 705 0400
fax: +27 31 705 8905
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CSA Annunciator
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GM International
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Omni8 Micro
PowerView CP
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Silent Sentry
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Section - Computers & Software
-Industrial computers
- PLC plug-in
- Monitors/display systems
-Communication medium
- Copper
- Optical fibre
- Radio
-Communication standard
- Ethernet/IP
- Fieldbus
- Modbus
- Other
- RS232/485/422
-Distributed I/O systems
- PC-centric
- PLC-centric
-I/O blocks/modules
-Mounting methods
- DIN rail
- Panel/rack mount modules
-Signal modules
- Analog
- Digital
- Mixed
- Alarm management
- Data acquisition, analysis
- Operator interface
- Programming languages
- Soft PLC
- OPC clients
- OPC servers
-Network communications
- Fieldbus
- Low-level networks
-Operating systems
- Windows CE
- Windows NT
- Windows XP
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-Ethernet-based systems
-In-transit temperature/event
-Logging printers
-Machine health monitoring
-PC based data acquisition
- automatic data acquisition
- data acquisition cards
- distributed data acquisition
- intranet system
- presentation/analysis software
-Portable data collection terminal
- events
- paperless
-Standalone data loggers
-EMI - Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
-Maintenence management
-Product data interchange
-Production management systems
-Utility optimisation
- corrosion
- water quality
-Integration into MES and ERP systems
-Number of I/O points
- 0-1024
- 0-32
- 0-512
- 0-64k
- Unlimited
-Number of PLC or I/O drivers
- >640
- 0-16
- 16-64
- 64-640
-Operating system
- .Net
- Windows 2000
- Windows 95/98
- Windows NT
-Standalone version available
-Cable telemetry
- copper wire
- Ethernet LAN
- fibre-optic
-Radio telemetry
-Remote sensing & control
- cable link
- cellular
- radio link
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
-In-stream/in situ
- Corrosion
- General purpose data-logger
-Sampling/ex situ
- Particle size
- pH
- Instrument power supply
-Condition monitoring
- Remote site condition monitoring
- Technical
-Education & training
- Instructor-led
- Onsite
- Predictive maintenance
-Performance monitoring
- Energy
- Process/production
-IoT driver & OPC software
-Optimisation & efficiency
- Asset optimisation
- Energy optimisation
- Root cause analysis
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Armoured
- Twisted pair
-Battery chargers
-DC-DC converters
-Instrument power supplies
-Load management
-Mains AC-DC converters
-Solar energy converters
-Uninterruptible power supplies
-Audible alarms
- Horns, sirens
- Programmable voice annunciators
-Hazardous gas detection
-Intrusion alarms
-IS barriers, signal isolation
-Protection relays
- Over/under voltage
- Over-current
- Pump protection
-Surge protection/suppression
- Gas discharge
- Lightning arrestors
- Varistor (MOV)
-Visible alarms
- Annunciator displays
- Indicator lights
-DIN rail-mount
-I/O system
-PLC interface
Section - Networks for Communication & Control
-4-20mA analog loop
-Foundation Fieldbus
-Network analysers
- Conet
-Remote I/O
-Wireless (for industrial application only)
- extension cables
- indoor
- outdoor
-Power supplies
- batteries
- solar
- field devices - transmitters
-Wireless Ethernet port adaptor (aka modem)
-Wireless gateways
-Wireless I/O - analogue
-Wireless I/O - discrete
-Wireless I/O networks
-Wireless multihop range extenders
-Wireless range extenders/repeaters
-Wireless sensor networks
-Wireless serial port adaptor (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) (aka modem)
- Ethernet port adaptor (aka modem)
- gateways - Ethernet
- handhelds (PDAs, tablets, smartphones, etc)
-Bluetooth 3+HS/4
- I/O analogue
- I/O discrete
-Bluetooth Classic
- I/O analogue
- I/O discrete
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
- Proprietary
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- Auto/self tuning
- Cascade control
- Logic
- Maths/calculations
- Pattern/profile
- Ratio control
- Scaling of I/O
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Thermocouple
-Number of loops
- >16
- 1-16
- 0/4-20 mA
- 0-5V
- mA/mV
- Pulse
- Relay contact
-Visual display
-Emergency shut-down systems
-Entry level DCS
-Networked controllers
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
-Flowmeters (type)
- Custody transfer
-Pipeline monitors
-Intrinsic safety
- 3.5 & 4.5 digit indicators
- 4-20 mA set-point stations
- Isolating interface units
- Multiplexers
- Transmitters - temperature
-Type 'n' protection
-Analytics & reporting
-Big data & cloud technologies
-Industrial IT & networking
-M2M communication
-Smart sensors
-Specialist consulting services
-Wireless network/service providers
-Tank gauging
-Alarm indicators
-Annunciator panels
-Digital process indicators
- Bar graphs
- Characters
- Display wall (control room)
- LCD, flat-panel
- Programmable message
- Touchscreens
-Analog I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Digital I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Networking organisation
- Host-to-PLC link
- PLC-to-PLC
- Remote I/O
- Ethernet
- Fieldbus
- PLC-to-PLC
- Proprietary data bus
- Remote I/O
- RS232, RS422, RS485
-Operator interface panel
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
- Diagnostic software
- Documenting software
- Function block diagram
- High level (C, Basic, etc.)
- IEC 1131
- Ladder diagram (relay logic)
- Logic diagram
- Sequential function chart
-Scan rate less than 1µs per step
-Scan rate less than 1ms per step
-Amplifiers & pre-amplifiers
- A-D
- D-A
- mV/current
- Power (VAR, F, kWh, etc.)
- Programmable
-Root extractors
-RTDs (Pt 100, Ni)
-Temperature switches
-Thermistors (PTC, NTC)
-Thermocouples (Type S, T, etc)
-Control signal
-Electrical power
-Universal, programmable
Section - Services & Systems
- Factory automation
- Panel builders
- Process control
- Other
- scada
-System integration/consulting
- Factory automation
- Information systems
- Other
- Process control
- Production management
- Scada/DCS/PLC
- Telemetry
-Batch production
-Building management
-Energy management
-Environmental control & monitoring
-Laboratory control & management
-Mining & metals
-Power generation & distribution
-Pulp & paper
-Shop-floor data collection
-Water & waste water
News from Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists:
Taming the terrain
April 2024, Industrial Wireless, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Effectively monitoring and controlling water distribution networks is crucial if we are to avoid wasting this valuable, life-preserving resource. Wireless telemetry systems play a vital role in this task, collecting data from remote locations and transmitting it to a central control station for real-time monitoring and control.

Cathodic protection system for hazardous environments
March 2024, IS & Ex, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

When NSW Ports in Australia embarked on a two-year programme to rehabilitate the structures and combat corrosion levels at its Bulk Liquid Berth 1, it commissioned Melbourne-based consultancy Infracorr to deliver a bespoke cathodic protection) system. To deliver the system safely, Infraccor engaged cathodic protection specialist Omniflex to support the hazardous area and remote monitoring aspects of the CP system design.

Keeping an eye on invisible radiation
March 2024, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

At its peak in 1994, the energy generation capacity of the UK’s nuclear power stations was 12,7 GW across 16 plants. In 2024, the capacity has fallen to around 5 GW, and the number of stations is down to nine. However, this is far from the end of the story as spent nuclear fuel remains radioactive for centuries, and requires rigorous safety processes to safeguard against leaks.

Industrial signal conditioning
February 2024, Electrical Power & Protection, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Automation for Industry 4.0, process control, data acquisition, and alarm processing all rely on the conversion of physical signals to a standardised, usable format, that engineered systems can reliably use to manage industrial processes.

Assessing the order of events
February 2024, Industrial Wireless, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Being able to monitor plant alarms and events in real time, in chronological order, is critical when a plant experiences an avalanche of alarms caused by an abnormal event. Sequence of events modules can be used to cut unplanned plant downtime and reduce operational costs.

Signal conditioning is the protective armour between plant and field
February 2024, Sensors & Transducers, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Measurement and control of physical properties are the foundation of all critical industrial technologies. Ian Loudon, international sales and marketing manager at remote monitoring specialist, Omniflex explains the challenges of industrial signal conditioning and the importance of safety engineering.

Protecting Australia’s harbours from a silent threat
January 2024, Industrial Wireless, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Omniflex has completed the addition of remote monitoring to the existing cathodic protection (CP) systems at five berths in Port Kembla, Australia. This will enhance their surveillance and provide accurate energy monitoring.

The argument for remote tank monitoring
October 2023, Industrial Wireless, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

When considering the potential consequences of inadequate tank farm monitoring, images of disasters like the Buncefield fire probably spring to mind first. However, with the development of safety regulations and equipment, these catastrophic events are becoming far less common over time.

The importance of understanding SIL ratings
September 2023, IS & Ex, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Major industrial accidents around the world, like the Bhopal chemical plant disaster, have occurred due to insufficient and poorly designed safety systems. Gary Bradshaw, director of alarm and safety system specialist Omniflex, explains how SIL ratings work and the dangers of the misconceptions that exist around them.

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