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Core business offering: Supply and maintenance of laboratory equipment, specialising in temperature and sample preparation equipment.

Davey, Garth
Sales Manager
Gaynor, Charmaine
Naughton, Mark
General Manager
Adam Equipment
(Sub Agency)
AJ Cope
(Shared Agency)
Australian Scientific Instruments
(Sole Agency)
Elite Thermal Systems
(Sole Agency)
Gilson (sample prep./equipment testing)
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Isothermal Technology
(Sole Agency)
(Sub Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Martel Electronics
(Shared Agency)
Orton (dilatometers)
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Thermal Technology
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Waring (blenders)
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Zircar Ceramics
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Section - Computers & Software
- desktop
- laptop
- servers
- workstations
-Input devices
- Joysticks
- Keyboards
- Mice, trackerballs
- Touchscreens
-PC function cards, modules
- Image processing
- Memory, solid state disk
- Hot-swappable power supplies
- Monitors/display systems
- Printers
- Calibration management
- Data acquisition, analysis
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-Barcode systems
- Handheld
-In-transit temperature/event
-Logging printers
-Machine health monitoring
-PC based data acquisition
- automatic data acquisition
- presentation/analysis software
-Portable data collection terminal
- chart paper
- circular chart
- disposable pens
- paperless
- strip chart
-Standalone data loggers
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Temperature compensated cable
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- Adaptive gain
- Auto/self tuning
- Cascade control
- Logic
- Ratio control
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Thermocouple
-Number of loops
- >16
- 1-16
- 0/4-20 mA
- 0-5V
- mA/mV
- Pulse
- Relay contact
-Panel size (mm)
- 24x48
- 48x48
- 48x96
- 96x96
-Visual display
-Check weighers
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Pressure-electrical transducers
-Positive displacement
- Diaphragm
- Gear
- Peristaltic
- Piston
- Proportioning/dosing
-Light intensity
-Heat flow monitors
-Infrared (IR) line scan
-Thermistors (PTC, NTC)
Section - Services & Systems
-Boiler/furnace control
-Furnace control & management
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
- Ash content
- Viscosity
-Chambers (environmental/temperature)
-Petroleum testing
-pH handheld
-Redox measurement
-Sampling equipment
- Gases
- Solids
-Turbidity meters
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Decade boxes, R/I/C
-Documenting process calibrators
-Flow calibrators
-Frequency, time simulators/calibrators
-Loop optimisation analysers & software
-mV simulators/calibrators
-Power, energy calibrators
-Pressure simulators/calibrators
-Reference materials (certified)
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Temperature (dry block)
-Temperature baths
-Thermistor simulators
-Thermocouple simulators
-X/Y, Y/t chart recorders
-Balances, mass
-Calorimetry (steam qualify)
-Hardness testers
-Melt flow indices
-Moisture content
-Oil in water
-Particle size
-Temperature profiling
-Thermal imaging
News from Lenton:
The growing need for temperature calibration
June 2009, Temperature Measurement , Lenton

No thermometer will remain entirely consistent in its indication. Thermometers and sensors such as Mercury-in-glass (MIG), thermocouples (T/C), thermistors, resistance thermometers (RTDs) change their ...

Temperature calibration
November 2006, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Lenton

All thermometers need to be characterised or calibrated. In industry the need to calibrate is often very real and practical. No thermometer will remain entirely constant. Thermometers and sensors such ...

Tough portable temperature calibrators
August 2006, Temperature Measurement , Lenton

Isothermal Technology (Isotech) has introduced an innovative range of lightweight portable temperature calibrators for thermometers used in industrial and medical processes. Called Fast-Cal, the new instruments ...

Temperature calibration
June 2006, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Lenton

All thermometers need to be characterised or calibrated. In industry the need to calibrate is often very real and practical. No thermometer will remain entirely consistent in its indication, thermometer ...

Liquid baths for temperature probe calibration
January 2003, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Lenton

The usual problems associated with stirred liquid baths are the liquids themselves. No single liquid will work reliably from negative temperatures to 250°C. A user will probably choose an alcohol, methanol ...

Industry news:
From the editor's desk: Digital transformation or the way of the dinosaur?
September 2020, News, Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) recently had its fair share of exposure in South African industry circles. First, the German & EU Chamber’s Working Group Industry 4.0 kicked off a series of online ...

Safe operation of LNG tanks
September 2020, IS & Ex, Endress+Hauser South Africa

Endress+Hauser’s innovative instrumentation and advanced inventory management solutions for LNG storage tanks ensure safe operation of plant and high levels of inventory transparency.

Fully automated CIP system upgrade at a food factory
September 2020, System Integration & Control Systems Design, Hybrid Automation

Hybrid automation was recently approached to upgrade the CIP system at a food production plant based on the East Rand of Johannesburg.

WearCheck launches disinfectant tunnel
September 2020, News, Wearcheck Africa

To help South African companies ensure the health of their employees, WearCheck has created a unique HealthCheck disinfectant tunnel which can be situated at the entrance to work-sites or public spaces ...

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