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Core business offering: BCX is a systems integrator, and provides and maintains scalable and reliable industrial automation environments. It focuses on optimisation and customisation of plant and heavy industry processes. Areas of focus are industrial automation, installation and infrastructure; manufacturing execution systems; manufacturing operations management; intelligent surveillance; and IoT platform and asset management.

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Section - Computers & Software
- desktop
- laptop
- servers
- tablet
- workstations
-Industrial computers
- Flat-panel
- Pentium architecture
- PLC plug-in
- Rackmount
- Wall mounted, embeddable
-Input devices
- Joysticks
- Keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) extenders & switches
- Keyboards
- Mice, trackerballs
- Network interfaces (see I/O table)
- Touchscreens
-PC function cards, modules
- Counter/timer
- Graphics accelerator
- I/O (analog/digital)
- IEEE-488 (HPIB)
- Image processing
- Memory, solid state disk
- Relay
- Hot-swappable power supplies
- Monitors/display systems
- Printers
-Communication medium
- Copper
- Optical fibre
- Radio
-Communication standard
- Ethernet/IP
- Fieldbus
- Modbus
- RS232/485/422
-Distributed I/O systems
- PLC-centric
-I/O blocks/modules
-Mounting methods
- DIN rail
- Panel/rack mount modules
- Plug in cards
-Operating features
- Diagnostic capability
- High temperature
- Intrinsically safe
- Sealed units
-Signal modules
- Analog
- Digital
- Mixed
- Alarm management
- Asset management
- Batch production
- Calibration management
- Data acquisition, analysis
- Direct control
- Drivers
- DSP (digital signal processing) software
- Dynamic link to libraries (DLL)
- Expert systems
- Fuzzy logic
- Link to Windows databases
- Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
- MRP, tracking, business
- Operator interface
- Programming languages
- Soft PLC
- System simulation/PID tuning
- OPC clients
- OPC servers
- PLC languages
- Provides OCXs
-Network communications
- Fieldbus
-Operating Systems
- .Net
-Operating systems
- Windows 2000
- Windows 3.1
- Windows 7
- Windows 95/98
- Windows CE
- Windows NT
- Windows XP
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-Barcode systems
- Automated
- Handheld
- Printers
-Dotcode systems
-Ethernet-based systems
-In-transit temperature/event
-Logging printers
-Machine health monitoring
-PC based data acquisition
- A-D conversion boards
- automatic data acquisition
- data acquisition cards
- distributed data acquisition
- intranet system
- presentation/analysis software
-Portable data collection terminal
-Radio frequency tags
- paperless
-Standalone data loggers
-CIM/CAM - Computer Integrated/Aided Manufacturing
-EMI - Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
-Maintenence management
-MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems
-MIS - Management Information Systems
-Operator training simulators
-Process simulation & design
-Process/capacity planning
-Production management systems
-Warehouse management systems
-Integration into MES and ERP systems
-Number of I/O points
- Unlimited
-Number of PLC or I/O drivers
- 16-64
-Operating system
- .Net
- Windows 2000
-Standalone version available
-Cable telemetry
- copper wire
- Ethernet LAN
- fibre-optic
-Radio telemetry
-Remote sensing & control
- cable link
- cellular
- from rotating shaft
- radio link
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Hardwired point-to-point device calibrator/configurator
- Hardwired point-to-point HART device calibrator/configurator
- Hardwired point-to-point Profibus device calibrator/configurator
- Network capable HART device calibrator/configurator
- Network capable Profibus device calibrator/configurator
- Network capable proprietary device calibrator/configurator
- Wireless HART device calibrator/configurator
- Wireless Profibus device calibrator/configurator
- Wireless proprietary device calibrator/configurator
-In-stream/in situ
- Bearing
- Corrosion
- General purpose data-logger
- Thermal imaging/thermography
-Sampling/ex situ
- pH
- Ultrasonic tester
- Data-logger
- Electrical motor tester
- Multimeter
- Other
- Thermal imager
- Vibration/balance
-Condition monitoring
- Remote site condition monitoring
- Technical
- Maintenance
- Predictive maintenance
- Site-embedded maintenance
-Performance monitoring
- Energy
- Installation
- Lubrication
- Process/production
-Asset related
- Asset management software for intellectual assets (engineering related)
- Enterprise asset management software (EAM)
-Calibration, configuration & adjustment
- Networkable HART device calibration/configuration
- Networkable Profibus device calibration/configuration
- Networkable proprietary device calibration/configuration
- Point-to-point HART device calibration/configuration
- Point-to-point Profibus device calibration/configuration
- Point-to-point proprietary device calibration/configuration
- Wireless HART device calibration/configuration
- Wireless Profibus device calibration/configuration
- Wireless proprietary device calibration/configuration
-IoT driver & OPC software
- Computerised maintenance management (CMM)
- Predictive maintenance
- Preventive maintenance
-Optimisation & efficiency
- Expert systems
- Root cause analysis
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Armoured
- Silicon
- Armoured
- Coaxial
- Computer, LAN
- Explosion proof / intrinsically safe
- Flat, ribbon
- High temperature
- Multiwire
- Optical fibre
- Screened
- Single conductor panel wires
- Temperature compensated cable
- Twisted pair
-19" racking
-Boxes - electronics
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Free-standing
- Industrial computers
- Wall mount
- Benchtop
- Portable
-Desks, consoles, furniture
-EMC control
- Shielded enclosures
- Shielding laminates, gaskets, coating
-Enclosures (special)
- Corrosion proof
- Environmentally protected
-Pole mount accessories
-Pole mount accessories (stainless steel)
-Sub-rack systems
-Thermal control
- Fans, blowers
- Heat exchangers/airconditioners
-Cable glands
-Cable grommets
-Cable jointing kits
-Cable sleeving
-Cabling conduit
-Ducting, trunking
-Electrical power
Section - Networks for Communication & Control
-4-20mA analog loop
-Foundation Fieldbus
-Network analysers
- Ethernet
-Remote I/O
-Wireless (for industrial application only)
- gateway
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Control valves (applications)
- Slurry control
-Control valves (type)
- Ball
- Fieldbus
- Proprietary
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- Adaptive gain
- Auto/self tuning
- Cascade control
- Logic
- Maths/calculations
- Pattern/profile
- Ratio control
- Scaling of I/O
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Strain gauge
- Thermocouple
-Number of loops
- 1-16
- 0/4-20 mA
- 0-5V
- mA/mV
- Pulse
- Relay contact
-Panel size (mm)
- 150x150
- 24x48
- 48x48
- 48x96
- 72x72
- 96x96
-Visual display
-Emergency shut-down systems
-Entry level DCS
-Networked controllers
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
-AC control
- Closed loop
- Inverters - 1 phase AC
- Inverters - 3 phase AC
- Soft starter
-AC motors
- Induction motors - geared motor units
- Induction motors - over 10kW
- Induction motors - up to 10kW
-DC control
- Speed control
-Flowmeters (type)
- Clamp-on, non-invasive
- Differential pressure (DP)
- Doppler ultrasonic
- Magnetic/electromagnetic
- Mass
- Orifice plate, flow nozzle
- Positive displacement
- Solids
- Variable area
- Venturi tube
- Vortex
-Pipeline monitors
-Totalisers and correlators
-Fire detection & extinguishing equipment
-Gas detection
-Intrinsic safety
- Batch controllers
-Servo valves
-Analytics & reporting
-Artificial intelligence
-Big data & cloud technologies
-Industrial IT & networking
-Interoperability HW/SW
-M2M communication
-Smart sensors
-Specialist consulting services
-Wireless network/service providers
-Capacitive & conductive
-Microwave, guided & radar
-Optical, laser
-Rotary paddle
-Tank gauging
-Thermistor / thermal
-Tilt switch
-Machine vision sensors
-Visual inspection systems
-Belt scales
-Check weighers
-Drum filling
-Weigh bridges
-Alarm indicators
-Analog panel meters
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
- Characters
- Display wall (control room)
- LCD, flat-panel
- Programmable message
- Touchscreens
-Handheld terminals
- Custom
- Desktop
- Flat-panel
- Rackmount
- Sealed
- Harsh-environment
- Key-switch
- Membrane
- Outdoor (weather-proof)
-Analog I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Digital I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
- more than 512
-Networking organisation
- Host-to-PLC link
- PLC-to-PLC
- Remote I/O
- 20 mA loop
- Ethernet
- Fieldbus
- PLC-to-PLC
- Remote I/O
- RS232, RS422, RS485
-Operator interface panel
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
- High level (C, Basic, etc.)
- IEC 1131
- Ladder diagram (relay logic)
- Logic diagram
- Sequential function chart
-Scan rate less than 1µs per step
-Scan rate less than 1ms per step
-Scan rate more than 1ms per step
- Linear
- Rotary
-Controllers/logic devices
-Pressure/vacuum switches
-Computer interfaces
-Programmable motion control systems
- Custom system design
- Hydraulic drive systems
- Pneumatic drive systems
- Servo systems
- Stepper systems
-Rotary encoders
-Servo amplifiers
- Electronic
- Magnetic
-Servo motors
- Brushless DC motors
- DC motors
- Geared motor units
- Linear motors
- Stepper motors
- Synchro motors
Section - Services & Systems
-Consulting engineers
- Gap analysis
- Project management
- Systems specification
- Electrical
- Factory automation
- Industrial lighting
- Maintenance
- Panel builders
- Process control
- System wiring/installation
- Other
- scada
-Project Management
-System integration/consulting
- Electrical
- Factory automation
- Information systems
- Materials handling
- Other
- Process control
- Production management
- Quality control
- Scada/DCS/PLC
- Telemetry
- Warehousing
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
- Density
- Gas
-Mains power analysers
-Portable power meters
-Vibration/machine health
- Non-contact/ultrasonic
- Physical contact
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