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Unit 2, K101 Business Park, Capital Hill Commercial Estate, Le Roux Avenue, Midrand

+27 11 704 1487
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Core business offering: DEHN provides reliable and innovative products and engineering services in surge, lightning and earthing protection (internal SPDs) and external systems (external protection solutions, HVI etc), for use in industrial, commercial and residential areas. DEHN also supplies a range of safety equipment for the electrical industry.

Gora, Tatenda
Sales Engineer - BDM Africa
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Grobbelaar, Ivan
Technical Director
[email protected]
Oelofse, Hano
Managing Director
[email protected]
van Vuuren, Bianca
Office Manager
[email protected]
Voegerl, Florian
Sales Director
[email protected]
Weber, Hein
Internal Sales
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ACDC Dynamics
tel: +27 10 202 3300
Advanced Lightning Protection
tel: +27 11 794 3131
fax: +27 11 794 3131
ARB Electrical Wholesalers
tel: +27 31 910 0200
fax: +27 31 910 0299
Benchmark Innovative Solutions
tel: +260 969 487 923
BSN Lightning & Surge Protection
Lagos, Nigeria
tel: +234 1 794 3997
Kigali, Rwanda
tel: +33 660 356 517
Down To Earth Technologies
tel: +27 31 716 2900
Earthlink Technologies
Harare, Zimbabwe
tel: +26 4612 36690
Electro Tech
Windhoek, Namibia
tel: +264 061 236 690
Johannesburg/Durban/Cape Town
tel: +27 11 249 5000
fax: +27 11 4963043
Ockendon/Telecommunication Infrasucture
Gaborone, Botswana
tel: +267 74 639 334
Pontins Earthing and Lighting Specialists
tel: +27 11 792 1300
Harare, Zimbabwe
tel: +263 4 771 5813
Rolling Sphere Lightning Protection
tel: +27 76 597 0332
tel: +27 11 792 1303/5
Kampala, Uganda
tel: +27 71 220 0007
Universal Lightning Protection Services

tel: +27 86 122 2734
WEBB Industries
tel: +27 11 719 0000
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
Dehniso Spacers
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
HVI Conductor
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
HVI Light
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
HVI Power
(Manufacturer, Sole Agency)
Section - Computers & Software
-Electrical design
-Safety engineering
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Primary
-Battery chargers
-Instrument power supplies
-Mains AC-DC converters
-Solar energy converters
-Standby power generators
-Uninterruptible power supplies
-Audible alarms
- Horns, sirens
-Surge protection/suppression
- Gas discharge
- Lightning arrestors
- Varistor (MOV)
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Explosion proof
-Microwave, guided & radar
-Belt scales
-Weigh bridges
- 20 mA loop
- Ethernet
- Fieldbus
- Proprietary data bus
- Remote I/O
- RS232, RS422, RS485
-Temperature switches
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
News from DEHN Protection South Africa:
The importance of surge protection in the lightning protection arena
February 2020, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

In order to understand the need for surge protection, it is important to understand how lightning causes damage. The sources of lightning damage can be quite different, therefore different protection ...

DEHN Africa provides 3D laser scanning for lightning protection design
December 2019, News, DEHN Protection South Africa

3D laser scanning delivers many benefits for industrial and engineering projects, providing precise and reliable data which allows for improved planning and scheduling. Without physically touching what ...

Protecting data centres from lightning and surges
October 2018, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

Data centres rely on the optimal performance of equipment, so unwanted surges on the power supply lines can cripple operations. In fact, these energy spikes can cost significant amounts of money in recovery ...

Protect productivity during SA’s lightning season
February 2018, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

South Africa’s summer season brings with it the possibility of lightning strikes. The massive voltage fluctuations caused by these can damage sensitive equipment, as well as cause data loss on computers, ...

Protection for wind turbines
January 2018, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

Wind energy is a clean and renewable form of energy, which is also drought-resistant and almost emission-free. However, as South Africa’s renewable energy industry continues to explore wind energy as ...

DEHN Africa pays tribute to local partners at annual awards ceremony
September 2017, News, DEHN Protection South Africa

Lightning and surge protection solutions provider, Dehn Africa, has once again acknowledged local distribution partners, recently awarding top associates at its fourth annual African partner awards ...

Voltage detector enhances safety of electrical installations
September 2017, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

DEHN Africa has introduced the new PHE4 series of voltage detectors to improve safety during maintenance of electrical systems and installations. The detectors provide reliable information in all weather ...

Lightning protection for thatched roofs
April 2017, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

Thatched roofs are extremely popular in South Africa. Constructed of material such as straw, reed, grass or coconut leaves, a thatched roof is more susceptible to catching alight as a result of a lightning ...

Protect analog camera systems with DEHNvario surge arrester
December 2016, Electrical Power & Protection, DEHN Protection South Africa

Factors including low cost, compatibility with other components, a wide range of video signals and the protection of existing systems have made certain that analog CCTV cameras are still widely used. A ...

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