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Core business offering: Suppliers of panel mount HMIs and PCs, PC-based automation controllers with numerous I/O options, PC connected remote I/O modules, embedded PCs in various form factors and industrial LAN switches and device servers (remote RS-232 or USB).

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Section - Computers & Software
- desktop
- servers
- tablet
-Industrial computers
- Board level
- Compact, embeddable (PC/104, PCI, ISA bus) modules
- Explosion protected
- Flat-panel
- Pentium architecture
- PLC plug-in
- Rackmount
- RISC architecture
- Wall mounted, embeddable
- x86
-Input devices
- Joysticks
- Keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) extenders & switches
- Keyboards
- Mice, trackerballs
- Network interfaces (see I/O table)
- Pens, wands
- Touchscreens
-PC function cards, modules
- Counter/timer
- Graphics accelerator
- I/O (analog/digital)
- IEEE-488 (HPIB)
- Image processing
- Mass storage magnetic
- Memory, solid state disk
- Relay
- CRT/LCD terminals
- Hot-swappable power supplies
- Monitors/display systems
- Printers
-Communication medium
- Copper
- Optical fibre
- Radio
-Communication standard
- Ethernet/IP
- Fieldbus
- Modbus
- Other
- RS232/485/422
-Distributed I/O systems
- PC/104 system
- PC-centric
- PLC-centric
-I/O blocks/modules
-Mounting methods
- DIN rail
- Panel/rack mount modules
- Plug in cards
-Operating features
- Diagnostic capability
- High temperature
- Intrinsically safe
- Sealed units
-Signal modules
- Analog
- Digital
- Mixed
- Link to Windows databases
- Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
- Operator interface
- Programming languages
- Soft PLC
- C, Pascal, etc
- Java
- MS Visual Basic
- OOP (e.g. Visual C++)
- PLC languages
-Network communications
- Fieldbus
-Operating Systems
- .Net
-Operating systems
- Java
- Linux
- Windows 2000
- Windows 7
- Windows 95/98
- Windows CE
- Windows NT
- Windows XP
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-Barcode systems
- Handheld
-Ethernet-based systems
-Logging printers
-PC based data acquisition
- A-D conversion boards
- automatic data acquisition
- data acquisition cards
- distributed data acquisition
- intranet system
- presentation/analysis software
-Portable data collection terminal
-MIS - Management Information Systems
-Number of I/O points
- 0-32
- 0-512
- 0-64k
-Number of PLC or I/O drivers
- 0-16
- 16-64
- 64-640
-Operating system
- .Net
- Linux
- Windows 2000
- Windows 95/98
- Windows NT
-Standalone version available
-Cable telemetry
- copper wire
- Ethernet LAN
- fibre-optic
-Radio telemetry
-Remote sensing & control
- cable link
- cellular
- radio link
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Primary
-DC-DC converters
-Mains AC-DC converters
-19" racking
-Boxes - electronics
- Metal construction
- Free-standing
- Industrial computers
- Wall mount
- Benchtop
- Card cages
-Enclosures (special)
- Corrosion proof
- Environmentally protected
-Sub-rack systems
-Thermal control
- Heatsinks
-Reed relays
- Dry-contact
- DIN-rail mount
- General purpose, control
- Solid state (photo MOS)
Section - Networks for Communication & Control
-4-20mA analog loop
-Remote I/O
-Token ring
-Universal Serial Bus (USB)
-Wireless (for industrial application only)
- extension cables
- indoor
- outdoor
- access points
- field devices - actuators
- field devices - adaptors
- field devices - controllers
- field devices - transmitters
- gateways
- network managers
- repeaters
- WirelessHART adaptors
-Wireless Ethernet port adaptor (aka modem)
-Wireless gateways
-Wireless I/O - analogue
-Wireless I/O - discrete
-Wireless I/O networks
-Wireless multihop range extenders
-Wireless range extenders/repeaters
-Wireless sensor networks
-Wireless serial port adaptor (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) (aka modem)
- embedded modules
- embedded sensors
- Ethernet port adaptor (aka modem)
- gateways - Ethernet
- handhelds (PDAs, tablets, smartphones, etc)
- in-vehicle network
- serial port adaptor (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) (aka modem)
- WiFi PCIe/PCIe MC adaptor (aka modem)
- WiFi USB adaptor (aka modem)
-Bluetooth 3+HS/4
- Bluetooth PCIe/PCIe MC adaptors (aka modem)
-Bluetooth Classic
- serial port Bluetooth adaptors (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) (aka modem)
-ZigBee PRO
- field devices - building automation
- field devices - home automation
- field devices - building automation
- field devices - home automation
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Emergency shut-down systems
-Entry level DCS
-Networked controllers
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
-M2M communication
-Smart sensors
-Machine vision systems
- Display wall (control room)
- LCD, flat-panel
- Programmable message
- Touchscreens
-Handheld terminals
- Custom
- Desktop
- Flat-panel
- Rackmount
- Sealed
- Harsh-environment
- Key-switch
- Membrane
- Outdoor (weather-proof)
-Analog I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
-Digital I/O
- 1-16
- 17-64
- 65-256
- 257-512
-Networking organisation
- Host-to-PLC link
- Remote I/O
- 20 mA loop
- Ethernet
- Fieldbus
- Remote I/O
- RS232, RS422, RS485
-Operator interface panel
-PACs - Programmable Automation Controllers
- Function block diagram
- High level (C, Basic, etc.)
- Ladder diagram (relay logic)
- Logic diagram
- Sequential function chart
-Computer interfaces
- A-D
- D-A
- mV/current
- Power (VAR, F, kWh, etc.)
- Programmable
- Rail mount
- Rail mount
News from Centurion Micro Electronics (CME):
Computer-on-module with third-generation Intel CPU
18 September 2013, Computer/Embedded Technology, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Embedded control systems, communication controllers and instruments often require high end processing power in the minimum amount of space. Smaller space and higher processing power means more value ...

ATX motherboards with ISA slots
27 April 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Many systems that use ISA interface boards for instrumentation or specialised communication applications are difficult to upgrade or maintain when their older motherboards fail. To serve this need, ...

University researches near-zero breakdown performance
November 2007, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, ProMicro, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Advantech's Industrial Automation Group has created an e-Manufacturing Lab at the University of Cincinnati. The lab will promote research, development and education for students and professionals alike. The ...

Beijing local wastewater treatment
October 2007, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

With the help of Adam-5510 PC-based programmable controllers, Beijing's wastewater treatment plant has successfully built a reliable wastewater process control system. This has provided it with a saving ...

Fanless HMI for industrial applications
September 2007, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Industrial PC manufacturer Aaeon has introduced the model AOP-8070 fanless operator interface panel (OIP) to meet the demand for a small size, multifunction panel PC for use in harsh environments. The ...

Dual core controller
September 2007, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Aaeon has announced the AEC-6860. Featuring the Intel Core 2 Duo processor this is the latest addition to the company's Boxer series of fanless embedded controllers. The controller features up to 2 GB ...

Advantech introduces complete machine automation solution
August 2007, Motion Control & Drives, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Advantech has released a comprehensive range of components for machine automation applications. The collection comprises a master module, motion slave modules, DAQ slave modules, and an embedded software ...

IP65 rated kiosk keyboard with trackball
June 2007, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Centurion Micro Electronics has available Kiosk keyboards that are specially designed to operate in hostile environments. This makes them ideal for web payphones, Internet kiosks and other applications ...

IP-67 waterproof computer
June 2007, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers, Centurion Micro Electronics (CME)

Aaeon is readying for market an IP-67 waterproof communications controller, which it claims is the first in the world. The new AEC-6710 has obtained five international patents (Germany, Japan, America, ...

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