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Core business offering: Supplier of electrical, mechanical, condition monitoring and environmental instrumentation and test equipment. Services offered include vibration monitoring and infrared scanning. The logistics portfolio includes impact recorders for monitoring goods in transit, with optional accessories for temperature, pressure, humidity, tilt, roll and GPS/GPRS communications.

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Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-In-transit temperature/event
-Standalone data loggers
-Meteorological instrumentation
- air quality
- gas
- moisture
- noise
- radiation
- vibration
- water quality
-Sampling equipment
- gases
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
-In-stream/in situ
- Corrosion
- Other
- Thermal imaging/thermography
- Vibration/balance
- Ultrasonic tester
- Data-logger
- Multimeter
- Thermal imager
- Thermometer
- Vibration/balance
-Condition monitoring
- Remote site condition monitoring
- Alignment
- Balancing
- Calibration
- Predictive maintenance
-Performance monitoring
- Energy
- Process/production
- Predictive maintenance
- Preventive maintenance
- Reliability engineering
-Optimisation & efficiency
- Maintenance optimisation
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Flowmeters (type)
- Clamp-on, non-invasive
- Doppler ultrasonic
- Pitot tube
-Gas detection
-Thermistor / thermal
-Control transducers
- Displacement/position transducers
- Tacho generators
- Tilt transducers
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Metal detectors
-IR non-contact
-IR thermal imaging
-Panel-mount indicators
-Pyrometers (IR non-contact)
-RTDs (Pt 100, Ni)
-Temperature indicating paints/labels
-Thermocouples (Type S, T, etc)
-Differential pressure
Section - Services & Systems
-Boiler/furnace control
-Environmental control & monitoring
-Mining & metals
-Power generation & distribution
-Pulp & paper
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
- Combustion
- Dissolved oxygen
- Flue gas
- Gas
- Hydrocarbon
- Oxygen
-Sampling equipment
- Gases
-Turbidity meters
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Decade boxes, R/I/C
-Documenting process calibrators
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Thermocouple simulators
-Insulation testers
-Mains power analysers
-Phase rotation
-Pipe & cable locators
-Alignment systems (shaft)
-Balances, mass
-Coating thickness
-Gloss (paint materials)
-Hardness testers
-Leak detection
-Light level
-Moisture content
-Noise/sound level
-Surface roughness
-Thermal imaging
-Thickness, wall, plating
-Vibration/machine health
- Non-contact/ultrasonic
- Physical contact
News from Impact Instruments:
Infrared thermography
November 2009, Temperature Measurement , Impact Instruments

Determining hot spots in HT anD LT switchgear. Infrared thermography is the ability to detect and measure thermal energy emitted from an object – all objects warmer than absolute zero or -275,15°C emit ...

IR cameras succeed in steel industry
November 2007, Temperature Measurement , Impact Instruments

Unaffected by high EMF and suited to high temperature environments, infrared cameras from Impact Instruments are being successfully used in furnace and foundry, as well as molten metal and steel environments. ...

Industry news:
SAIMC: From the office of the CEO
October 2021, News, SAIMC

Last month I elaborated on the big question: What are assessors looking for? Today I would like to talk to you about the new CPD requirements. This is especially important to companies who will apply ...

Radar transmitter ensures efficiency at Australian mine
October 2021, Level Measurement & Control, VEGA Controls SA

To eliminate supply bottlenecks at an Australian iron ore mine, the processes were better coordinated with VEGAPULS 69 playing an important role.

Temperature profiling in hydro processing units
October 2021, Temperature Measurement , Endress+Hauser South Africa

Precise and reliable temperature mapping of densely packed reactor catalyst beds makes an essential contribution to stable and profitable unit operations.

Benefits of PowerView CP for pipelines
October 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Omniflex has developed the PowerView CP (cathodic protection) system over several years to bring up-to-date technology to Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.

Raytek extends Thermalert 4 range
October 2021, Temperature Measurement , R&C Instrumentation

Fluke Process Instruments and Raytek extended the Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series by adding new shortwave versions and various additional interface options.

IR thermometer withstands 3-metre drop
October 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Comtest

Comtest has on offer the Fluke 64 MAX IR thermometer with internal memory, unattended monitoring, improved accuracy and increased battery life.

Inverters for PV generation plants
October 2021, Electrical Power & Protection, Zest WEG

As solar energy contributes increasingly to cleaner, renewable energy for a more sustainable world, WEG has introduced its complete ESW line of central inverter stations for photovoltaic power generation plants.

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