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Core business offering: Blanes Pressure Solutions offers sales and service of a wide range of pressure, level, flow and calibration technologies, in addition to manufacturing pressure gauges and chemical seals locally in South Africa.

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Blanes Pressure Solutions
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Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
- paperless
-Standalone data loggers
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Hardwired point-to-point device calibrator/configurator
- Hardwired point-to-point HART device calibrator/configurator
- Network capable HART device calibrator/configurator
- Wireless HART device calibrator/configurator
- Other
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
- RS422/RS485
- Logic
- Maths/calculations
- Scaling of I/O
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Thermocouple
-Number of loops
- 1-16
- 0/4-20 mA
- Relay contact
-Panel size (mm)
- 150x150
- 96x96
-Visual display
-Flowmeters (application)
- Partially filled pipes/channels
-Flowmeters (type)
- Clamp-on, non-invasive
- Coriolis
- Differential pressure (DP)
- Magnetic/electromagnetic
- Open channel, flume, weir
- Orifice plate, flow nozzle
- Pitot tube
- Target
- Variable area
- Venturi tube
- V-notch
- Vortex
-Pipeline monitors
-Totalisers and correlators
-Intrinsic safety
- Sensors
- Transmitters - pressure
-Capacitive & conductive
-Microwave, guided & radar
-Rotary paddle
-Tank gauging
-Thermistor / thermal
-Tilt switch
-Alarm indicators
-Annunciator panels
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
- Bar graphs
-Handheld terminals
-Differential pressure transducers
-Instrument manifolds
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Pressure-electrical transducers
-Interface in solids/liquids
- A-D
- D-A
-Heat flow monitors
-Panel-mount indicators
-Temperature switches
-Thermistors (PTC, NTC)
- Batch
- Panel mount
- Digital
- Panel mount
-Control signal
-Differential pressure
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Deadweight testers
-Documenting process calibrators
-Frequency, time simulators/calibrators
-mV simulators/calibrators
-Pressure simulators/calibrators
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Temperature (dry block)
-Temperature baths
-Thermocouple simulators
News from Blanes Pressure Solutions:
Powerful new HART communicator
Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2017, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking, Blanes Pressure Solutions

HART is the standard for process instruments, with more than twice as many installed devices as its main alternative. Well over 35 million HART devices have been installed since the protocol was developed, ...

Alia flowmeters solve crop irrigation problems
October 2016, Flow Measurement & Control, Blanes Pressure Solutions

Representatives from Volition Controls approached the manager of a large ranch in Wimauma, Florida, and enquired about the flowmeters used for crop irrigation. They learned the ranch had been using turbine ...

Blanes Pressure Solutions announces its appointment as distributor for Fluke calibration products
July 2016, News, Blanes Pressure Solutions

Over the past few years, Fluke has been building a significant position in the process calibration field, having acquired such well known companies as Pressurements, Ruska, DHI, Hart Scientific and Martel. Blanes ...

Cobre del Mayo mine chooses Alia
January 2016, Flow Measurement & Control, Blanes Pressure Solutions

Electro-magnetic flow metering ensures performance expectations in copper heap leach operation.

Simple cost-effective HART communicator
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration, Blanes Pressure Solutions

The trouble with many HART communicators is that they tend to be brand specific, using supplier device drivers, for which users pay a subscription to be able to update such files as and when necessary. The ...

Ametek introduces new temperature calibrators
August 2013, Temperature Measurement , Blanes Pressure Solutions

PTC-125 cooler and RTC-159 ultra cooler calibrators for the food and beverage industry.

Fast pressure calibration connector
April 2011, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors, Blanes Pressure Solutions

The lever-actuated, collet-type quick connector from Fascal allows leaktight seals to be made on universal IEC ½” DP ports with no sealant or thread tape needed. It is rated to 34 MPa. Operation is simple: ...

Data-logging indicator/controller
April 2011, Data Acquisition & Telemetry, Blanes Pressure Solutions

The CMC-99 from Simex is a flexible, touch-screen panel indicator with data-logging and PID control functions, and up to 60 logical channels. The unit has 2 GB of onboard memory, sufficient for 250 million ...

Electronic shaft speed monitoring
August 2009, Motion Control & Drives, Blanes Pressure Solutions

Speed monitoring of driven machinery is quite common. In multiconveyor systems, for example, it can be disastrous if conveyor A stops and conveyor B does not. There is a trend to replace mechanical speed ...

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