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Iso Certification Traceable to National or International Std

Core business offering: supplier of quality control test and measuring equipment, with support from a large range of laboratory test equipment and calibration standards for the pulp and paper, packaging, plastics and printing industries. Supplier of SANAS traceable calibrations, and manufactures calibrations to meet ISO references for mass, moisture, force, temperature, pressure and weight.


tel: +27 11 363 1658
fax: +27 86 684 5972
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Harris, Stanley
Sales & Technical Manager
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Financial Manageress
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Harris, Vincent
Services & Calibrations
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Opaque Reference Equipment
tel: +27 11 363 1658
fax: +27 86 528 9042
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Section - Computers & Software
-Communication standard
- Modbus
-Signal modules
- Digital
- Calibration management
-Network communications
-Operating systems
- Windows 2000
- Windows 7
- Windows 95/98
- Windows NT
- Windows XP
Section - Data Acquisition & Remote Control
-Barcode systems
- Automated
- Handheld
- Printers
- chart paper
- circular chart
- disposable pens
- events
- strip chart
-Standalone data loggers
-ISO 9000 management systems
-Quality management
-Utility optimisation
- dust
- moisture
- noise
- opacity
- water quality
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Angular alignment
- Cartesian alignment
- Linear alignment
- Other
-In-stream/in situ
- Hydraulic fluid filtration/conditioning
- Insulating oil filtration/conditioning
-Out-of-stream/ex situ
- Hydraulic fluid filtration/conditioning
- Lubricating oil filtration/conditioning
- Pneumatic air filtration/conditioning
-In-stream/in situ
- Angular alignment
- Bearing
- Hydraulic fluid
- Linear alignment
- Lubricant
- Other
- Pneumatic air
- Thermal imaging/thermography
- Vibration/balance
-Sampling/ex situ
- Particle size
- pH
- Spectral analysis (of process fluids)
- Hydraulic fluid analyser/tester
- Instrument power supply
- Insulating oil analyser/tester
- Other
- Ultrasonic tester
- Data-logger
- Multimeter
- Other
- Thermometer
- Vibration/balance
- Legislative
- Technical
-Education & training
- Computer-based
- Alignment
- Calibration
- Hardware repair
- Maintenance
- Planning
- Predictive maintenance
- Site-embedded maintenance
- Testing
-Performance monitoring
- Process/production
-Education & training
- Competency-based learning
Section - Miscellaneous Hardware
- Coaxial
- Computer, LAN
- Twisted pair
-Uninterruptible power supplies
- Wall mount
-Thermal control
- Fans, blowers
- General purpose, control
- Solid state (zero-crossing)
- Time delay
- Rotary selector
- Thumb-wheel encoded output
-Cable glands
-Cable grommets
-Cable jointing kits
-Cable sleeving
-Cable tie installing tools
-Cable ties
-Cabling conduit
-Ducting, trunking
-Heat-shrink guns
-Heat-shrink tubing
-Insulating tape, coloured
-Lacing cord/ribbon
-Mounting clips, clamps
-Sleeve application tools
Section - Networks for Communication & Control
-4-20mA analog loop
-Foundation Fieldbus
-Network analysers
- RS232/422/485
- Token ring
- Universal Serial Bus (USB)
-Bluetooth 3+HS/4
- access point - IP
Section - Process Control & Manufacturing Technologies
-Limit switches
-Valve position transmitters
- Valve positioners
-Control valves (applications)
- Safety release
-Control valves (type)
- Ball
-Sliding/knife gate
- RS232
- RS422/RS485
- 0/4-20mA
- mV/V
- Thermocouple
- 0/4-20 mA
- 0-5V
- mA/mV
- Pulse
-Panel size (mm)
- 150x150
- 24x48
- 48x48
- 48x96
- 72x72
- 96x96
-Visual display
-Flowmeters (type)
- Differential pressure (DP)
-Potable water meters
-Totalisers and correlators
-Hoses & fittings
-Manifold systems
-Capacitive & conductive
-Optical, laser
-Tank gauging
-Thermistor / thermal
-Tilt switch
-Machine vision lighting
-Machine vision sensors
-Machine vision systems
-Visual inspection systems
-Check weighers
-Alarm indicators
-Analog panel meters
-Digital panel meters
-Digital process indicators
- Bar graphs
- Programmable message
- Touchscreens
- Key-switch
- Membrane
-Air dryers
-Controllers/logic devices
- Double acting
- Single acting
-Pressure/vacuum switches
-Tubes & fittings
- Check
- Flow
- Gauge
- Isolation
- Manifolds
- Pressure
-Control transducers
- Displacement/position transducers
-Differential pressure transducers
-Pressure gauges/indicators
-Pressure switches
-Pressure-electrical transducers
-Colour mark
-Edge detection
-Limit switch
-Machine guard
- Multistage
-Positive displacement
- Peristaltic
- Piston
- Proportioning/dosing
-Light intensity
- mV/current
-Infrared (IR) line scan
-IR non-contact
-Panel-mount indicators
-RTDs (Pt 100, Ni)
-Temperature switches
-Thermistors (PTC, NTC)
-Thermocouple extension cables
-Thermocouple reference units
-Thermocouples (Type S, T, etc)
- Batch
- Handheld tally
- Mechanical
- Panel mount
- Rail mount
- Analog
- Digital
- Panel mount
- Rail mount
-Control signal
-Differential pressure
-Universal, programmable
Section - Services & Systems
- Electrical
- Panel builders
-Hardware repair
-System integration/consulting
- Quality control
-Institutes & associations
-Training (excluding supplier/product specific training)
-Batch production
-Boiler/furnace control
-Compressed air
-Environmental control & monitoring
-Food & beverage
-Laboratory control & management
- cutting, drilling
-Packaging and Labelling
-Pulp & paper
-Rubber & plastics
-Shop-floor data collection
-Trace heating
-Water & waste water
Section - Test, Measurement & Calibration
- Ash content
- Basis weight, consistency
- Chlorine
- Colorimetric
- Density
- Dissolved oxygen
- On-line process
- Particles
- Single element
- Suspended solids
- Viscosity
-Chambers (environmental/temperature)
-pH handheld
-Reference materials
-Sampling equipment
- Liquids
-Turbidity meters
-0/4-20 mA loop simulators/calibrators
-Calibration services (SANAS accredited, etc.)
-Deadweight testers
-Decade boxes, R/I/C
-Documenting process calibrators
-Pressure simulators/calibrators
-Reference materials (certified)
-RTD simulators/calibrators
-Strain gauge simulators/calibrators
-Temperature (dry block)
-Temperature baths
-Thermistor simulators
-Thermocouple simulators
-Mains power analysers
-Balances, mass
-Coating thickness
-Dimension gauging
-Dust level
-Flash point
-Geiger-Müller counters
-Gloss (paint materials)
-Hardness testers
-Leak detection
-Levelling & sag
-Light level
-Magnetic material
-Melt flow indices
-Moisture content
-Noise/sound level
-Oil in water
-Optical/Visual (incl. fibre-based camera scopes)
-Particle size
-Strain gauging
-Surface roughness
-Thermal imaging
-Thickness, wall, plating
-Vibration/machine health
- Non-contact/ultrasonic
-X-Ray testing
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